Fitness Over Forty! 3 Tips to Jump Start Your Path To Fitness.

Hi, I’m Sharon Piotrowski. I’m an ACE certified personal trainer. I’m going to reveal the three tips that have helped me become a fitness professional and have enabled me to help my clients find their path to fitness. 


Before I share these tips, let me tell you what they’ve done for me. These three tips have helped me refocus my fitness journey. Over the past 20 years they’ve helped me go from a 40 something mother of two with no workout experience to a certified professional in the fitness arena. They’ve helped me become very comfortable in the gym, run hundreds of 5k’s, participate in over a dozen half marathons and compete in several triathlons. And now, over the last 12 years, I’ve trained countless clients to find their path to fitness using these three simple tips. All of which you can use when enjoying my video workouts. 

With plenty of personal and professional experience in the fitness space, and now approaching 60 years old, you won’t find me screaming motivational tips or pretending to be a 20 something. What you’ll find instead is women who knows her business and knows how to help people get fit. 


So let’s talk about these three tips to start on your path to fitness…


Tip # 1 -  Start from your own beginning. That means you start where you are, use what you have and do what you can. You don't need much to get started and you should start by doing what you're both comfortable and capable of doing. So today, if all you have is a pair of sneakers and some old gym clothes, then start there. If you’re not ready to run, start walking. If you can only walk 10 minutes a day then that’s what you do. All too often people are derailed from their path to fitness because they bite off more than they can chew and get disappointed and stop before they've changed their behaviors. Start where you are, use what you have and do what you can. You'll always here me say this in my videos when I say "do what you're comfortable and capable of doing". Remember, everyone starts from their own beginning.


Tip # 2 - You can’t change yesterday but you can change tomorrow. Whatever you’ve done in the past is done. You can’t change it. Ate too many cookies? Didn’t work out? It’s done.  Let it go, you simply can't change it. BUT... you are in complete control of tomorrow and you can craft it before it happens. You don't have to change anything but your behavior. Contemplating eating a half dozen cookies? Have grapes or cherries instead. Gotta have those cookies? Have two instead of six. You can't change what's done but you can change what you haven't done yet.


Tip # 3 - The consistency of little steps will lead to great results. Change occurs over time with little steps and repeated little steps grow into consistent behaviors which lead to greater results. Take running for example. A client of mine wanted to get into running and started out by trying to run a mile. They were discouraged out of the gate (recognizing they couldn't complete a mile having not run at all in the past). I encouraged them to take smaller steps by running to the end of the block and walking back. Then after a week, running to the end of the block and running back. Then the next week doing the same only a little further. And so on and so on. After a while, my client was running a mile without issue and he has subsequently been engaging in 5k races and recently placed in his age group (having never done that before). You can apply this concept of taking small steps to any behavioral change you need to make, whether it's exercise, eating habits, work, etc., and you’ll find that the consistency of your little steps will lead you to great results. 


These are my three tips to successfully jump starting your path to fitness. Particularly if you're over 40. My custom workout plans build upon these concepts with exercises suited for the beginner as well as those that may simply be stuck in a rut. Try one and let me help you find your path to fitness!