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Watch this short video on the components of your plan. It will help set the stage for your journey and what you can expect over the next 30 days. Remember, the plan is now FREE!

Fitness is a Journey...

Most people who know about fitness will tell you that achieving a new level of fitness is a journey not a destination. As with most journeys, it's important to know where you are and where you're going. When it comes to fitness, you follow a path of goal setting, exercise and healthy eating to get to a certain level of fitness. It also requires support, from family, friends and people like me, who can encourage you to keep going. Particularly when the going gets tough. Sustained fitness requires that you keep moving and make fitness a way of life.

Here Are The Links To Your Plan!

Now that you've watched the overview of the plan, you can start delving into each section. Be sure to save or bookmark this page so you can return to it with ease. It will be the page you most often visit to access your plan materials, videos and key links. Let's go!

Welcome To Your 30 Day Fitness Plan!

Your Journey's Beginning - Setting Goals

Your Workout Videos - Strength & Cardio

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