Here are Your Workouts for the Next 30 Days!

What follows is your 30 day workout calendar with all of the exclusive full body and cardio workout videos made just for this plan. Further below the calendar are the links to your weekly videos. Always check with your doctor before engaging in any physical activities fitness plans and remember do only what you're comfortable and capable of doing!

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How The 30 Day Videos Are Designed

Within each week I recommend 4-6 days of exercise with at least 1 day of rest. Every week you'll do both the full body strength building workout and a cardio workout. The videos are crafted to help you enhance your overall fitness and establish a foundational exercise program upon which you can build each week and well after completing the 30-day plan. For your Saturdays during the plan, I provide links (in the calendar above) to additional videos from my YouTube channel that will provide even more variety. You can use household items in place of weights to do your workouts. Here's a list of household items to consider using! But remember, you can do all of these workouts with no weights at all. 

Strength Building and Cardio Videos

My Strength Building videos focus on all muscle groups for a body workout designed to help you develop your overall strength. When I begin training clients I have them focus on full body workouts to assure all muscle groups are getting attention. ​With my Cardio videos I include exercises that may help you burn calories which in turn may help you burn fat. I also offer suggestions on cardio workout alternatives so you have options! 

Each week I introduce one new full body routine and one new cardio routine to provide a little variety and offer different challenges to help achieve your goals. 

Start with Proper Form

Here's an Important Note


When starting out with strength training or cardio exercises it is important to assure proper form. This allows you to maximize your workout and train safely. Before you begin the exercises in this program watch my video on proper form. This will help assure a smooth start to your new workouts. Again, do only what you're comfortable and capable of doing, especially if you're just starting out. In fact, if you're just starting out, do my beginners push-up video also. It will help you develop a good foundation for push-ups.

To maximize your 30-day plan, it's important to follow the recommended workouts in the order provided. This is one of those tools that requires your commitment to use daily to see and feel results. 

The videos below will be released over the next 30 days beginning May 30th, 2021. See calendar above for release schedule.