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Clients and friends alike often ask me for guidance on establishing a balanced approach to exercise and healthy eating. That's why I developed my 30-Day Fitness Plan. It's designed to help you build a foundation of exercise and healthy eating upon which you can build, to enjoy a healthier lifestyle! In addition, get my e-book which exposes the secrets of weight loss and highlights four steps to greater fitness. Check them out below!

Here's what's in my 30 Day Fitness Plan!

  • Your welcome letter and overview.

  • Tips and tools to get you started establishing goals and measuring your progress.

  • Your 30 day workout calendar with links to exclusive videos for each week of the 30 day plan.

  • Healthy eating suggestions and recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks, to get you started establishing healthy eating habits. 

  • Access to me through my exclusive Facebook page to answer questions about the plan and where I post tips to help you and others maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

  • Access to my e-book on "Exposing the Secrets of Weight Loss" (a $10 value free!). See below for more details.

  • All for a single price of just $19.99! That's a $60 total value for a third of the price!

30 Day Fitness Plan

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What Else Do You Need for the Plan? 

Once you've purchased my plan, you need only bring your commitment to make physical fitness and healthy eating a regular part of your lifestyle. 

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Consider starting your path to fitness by purchasing access to my e-book. Here I share more than 12 years of experience as a personal trainer to expose the secrets of weight loss and provide insight into an effective approach to greater and sustainable fitness. It's great pre-reading to my 30 day plan and helps you appreciate what's required to make the changes in our bodies that many of us are seeking to make!

Here are a few testimonials from those who have participated in my plan!

Joanne P.

Combining exercise and healthy eating suggestions made a big difference! 

Chris D.

I'm amazed at how much more energized I feel - especially after my workouts!

Kristin D.

I really like the strength training and challenging cardio workouts!

Bill T.

Great E-Book. It sheds light on what we intuitively know and need to do!

Katie C.

I love the modifications and emphasis on proper form!