Congratulations on taking your first step toward a healthier you. I’m so happy to be able to assist with your journey. I’ve spent my career as a certified fitness professional helping people understand their fitness goals and capabilities, teaching them how to exercise in a safe and efficient way and helping them understand the importance of healthy nutrition. 

What's made me successful as a personal trainer is my ability to provide clients with the right information and education, build their confidence around their own fitness, encourage and motivate them to enhance their capabilities, help hold them accountable and all the while, have fun doing it! That's what I want to do for you!

Are You Ready? 

We’ve got a lot to unpack here so let me set the stage with some perspective that might be helpful as you get started. There's only one thing that's not in the plan and it's something only you can bring. That's commitment. Commitment to actually put your plan into practice. If you're ready to get started, I’m here to help. Be sure to join my Facebook page and I'll be only an internet connection away for questions, motivation and encouragement. 

I’m excited for you to get started. Take the time to read through my e-book, the plan and get things set up. With your commitment and the information in my e-book and 30 day plan, you’ll be well on your way to a healthier you. 



 Sharon Piotrowski

Sharon Piotrowski, ACE Certified Personal Trainer

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Sharon Piotrowski

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