Here is Your Every Day Fitness Journal

This is probably one of the most important documents in your plan. Why? Because it is here where you get to evaluate whether you’re bringing the requisite commitment to your plan.

The everyday fitness journal will help you track both your exercise and healthy eating as well as a few other things that will enable you to evaluate what worked, what's impeding your progress and refocus your efforts for the next day. Remember, your fitness plan requires commitment to both exercise and healthy nutrition. As you’ve read my e-book you’ll know that exercise alone won’t get you fit without a commitment to healthy eating and vice versa. You may have more success with healthy eating vs. exercise but together, they help bring about the most fit body in all of us.

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Two Quick Tips on Using the Journal

Tip # 1

When it comes to nutrition. Be sure to record your caloric intake as well as your water intake. If you’re using the recipes within this plan the calories are readily available. If you chose to follow other recipes or healthy eating plans, be sure to look up and record the appropriate calorie intake. There is usually plenty of calorie information on the packaging of foods and likewise, plenty of resources on the internet to give you an idea of the calories associated with your meals. In any event, remember the math exercises in my e-book. When it comes to calories and weight loss, the math in simple. Caloric intake should not exceed caloric output. 

Tip # 2

Remember, during the next 30 days we are attempting to achieve the goals you’ve laid out for yourself in your Journey’s Beginning document. If you want to know whether you’re bringing the right level of commitment to achieving those goals, then you have to be sure to continually evaluate your efforts to see how well you’re doing against your goals. That requires that you to use this particular tool. At the end of the day if you’re evaluating your exercising efforts, tracking the development of your healthy eating habits and evaluating your own “performance” against the goals you’ve set for yourself, then you’ll have a greater chance of achieving them. 

So utilize this tool to the fullest. Take advantage of an extra page if you need, to capture additional thoughts or feelings about the day as you progress through the plan. Evaluate each day and if you have a bad one, focus on the next day. Remember, we can’t do anything about the past but the present and the future is ours for the taking!