What to do now that 30 days are up...

Whether you've attained all of your goals or just some, be proud of what you've accomplished because you made an investment in you. This 30-day fitness plan was designed to help you gain knowledge on how to:

  • Set goals to help you live a healthier lifestyle

  • Workout effectively and efficiently

  • Make and eat healthier meals

  • Stay motivated and accountable to reach your goals

You now have a solid foundation upon which you can continue to build. You also have the tools and tips to help you achieve your next best level of fitness. 

You may be asking yourself, "what do I do next"? I would like to suggest that you go back and review your journals, your measurements and your healthy eating habits and ask yourself if you've accomplished all that you set out to achieve. If you did, fantastic! Keep up the great work. If you didn't, review the areas you did well and those where you still need work and write new goals. You can continue to follow the guidelines in this plan to help you reach new fitness milestones. 

Also, if you haven't already subscribed to my YouTube channel (it's free) consider doing so. You can hit the notification bell and you'll be alerted to my new workouts as they're posted and you'll be able to continue on your path fitness without missing a beat!

Stay motivated and again, congratulations on completing your 30-day fitness plan!