Customize your Exercise Program On-line With The Following Options & Plans!

My Quick Start Plan

  My Quick Start plan includes:


  • Initial 20 minute video phone call for a personal assessment to:

    • determine your fitness level

    • identify your personal goals

    • review your health history 

    • gain insight for your workout. 

    • discuss time management and how to incorporate exercise into your lifestyle.​

  • A custom designed set of exercises based on the outcome of our review.

  • A 1:1 video conference workout session to review:

    • your custom exercise routine. 

    • proper form and how to perform each exercise. 

    • recommended reps, sets and weekly workouts you should perform.

  • A written routine detailing the exercises, reps and sets discussed during our video workout.

   My "Follow-Along" Plan

  My "Follow-Along" plan includes:


  • Everything that's included in the Quick Start Plan


  In addition this Plan includes: 

  • A personalized video that will show you all of the exercises discussed with you during your 1:1 video conference workout and to which you can "follow-along" during your workout sessions. This allows you to exercise with me at a time and place that is most convenient for you. In the video I will demonstrate the entire routine performing all recommended reps and sets. I will do so that you can follow along from beginning to end and include warm-up exercises as well as cool down stretches.

My Commitment Plan

  My Commitment Plan Includes:


  • Everything that's included in my Quick Start & Follow-Along plans. 

  In addition this plan includes: 

  • One additional custom exercise routine with Live 1:1 workout & follow-along video.

  • Coaching support for 60 days that incorporates

    • weekly text / email to evaluate progress, discuss your routine and suggest modification / motivation.

    • bi-weekly video calls to discuss progress, challenges and introduce new routines. 

  • Nutritional guidance that includes: 

    • ways in which to track food intake and suggestions on adjustments.

    • evaluation and recommendation of food and exercise balance.​​