Exercises & Routines

Those who have logged in for free can see my personally designed FREE workout videos below! These workouts bring together cardio, targeted and full body training that helps strengthen muscle, burn calories and reduce body fat.​

* Warming-up before you exercise and stretching afterwards should be a regular part of your exercise routine. See my blog for more information on stretching.​​

* It is important that you listen to your body and do only that which you are comfortable and capable of doing. ​


* Routines or circuits (groups of exercises) are designed to be done on alternating days to allow your body time to rest and recover. Pick those days that work for you. Monday, Wednesday, Friday? Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday? You don't have to stick to one routine but you should always incorporate a day(s) of rest especially if doing strength training.  

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COVER 3 40 min lower body and cardio You

Lower Body & Cardio Workout!

Here's one that will workout that lower body while at the same time getting in some some cardio. Your legs, glutes and core will thank you for it! Keep to your schedule and get those workouts in! Stay motivated and enjoy!


Full Body Workout!

This routine will surely get your entire body engaged. Here's the best part...you don't need weights or any other equipment...just your body weight!

Let's make the most of what we have and enjoy the workout!

Final - Arms & Abs Workout - Women 40 an

Arms & Abs!

It's summertime and we all want to look our best. Here's a workout that will help tone and tighten those arms and abs. There's still plenty of summer left so let's get started! 

Butts & Legs - No Jump Cardio.png

Legs & Butt Power Workout!

Here's a workout that's sure to challenge your legs and butt. These are target areas for anyone 40 and over and this workout can help firm and tone in the right places. 

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