Exercises & Routines

Thanks for visiting my Exercises and Routines page! Below are a couple of examples of my FREE workout videos! These workouts are personally designed by me and bring together cardio, targeted and full body training that helps strengthen muscle, burn calories and reduce body fat.​

* Warming-up before you exercise and stretching afterwards should be a regular part of your exercise routine. See my blog for more information on stretching.​​

* It is important that you listen to your body and do only that which you are comfortable and capable of doing. ​


* Routines or circuits (groups of exercises) are designed to be done on alternating days to allow your body time to rest and recover. Pick those days that work for you. Monday, Wednesday, Friday? Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday? You don't have to stick to one routine but you should always incorporate a day(s) of rest especially if doing strength training.  

Ready for a workout? Try one of the two workout videos below! If you want to see the full collection of my FREE workout videos, visit my YouTube channel!


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Low Impact High Intensity Cardio! 

Here's one of my most popular workout videos. You don't need to jump around to get an excellent cardio workout. You'll definitely get your heart rate up with this routine and work up a sweat too!

No Weights? No Problem! 

You definitely don't need weights to get in a good workout. Try this workout which uses only your body weight. It will surely give you a good workout and help burn those calories!