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I believe that fitness does not have to be a chore and instead, can be fun and invigorating. I enjoy helping clients find their path to fitness through education, motivation and challenging workouts. If you're new to exercise I can help you take small and meaningful steps to achieve your goals. If you're experienced, I can introduce variety and challenge to your exercise routine to prevent boredom or hitting a plateau. I help people find their individual path to fitness no matter what their age or capability and I especially appreciate and understand the needs and challenges of women 40 and over (approaching 60 myself). I have found that, with the right coach and a commitment to fitness, most anyone can maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle.

What I Do and Why I'm Different

I help clients identify and formulate fitness goals and devise exercise plans to help achieve them. As an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, I've been successfully training people how to exercise and get fit for more than a decade. My plans are personalized based on the unique needs and capabilities of each client.

I differentiate my training by working closely with clients to help them identify their fitness goals as well as their limitations and designing programs that maximize their abilities. I've been exercising myself (with a purpose) for nearly 20 years and I recognize that there is no "one size fits all". Everyone has different goals, which is why I incorporate the following four key elements into my videos, all based on the objectives of my clients.


Cardio workouts are a key element of any fitness program. They help burn calories and fat and can lead to weight loss, particularly when balanced with healthy eating. That's why Cardio workouts are a key component of my 30-Day Fitness plan!



As we age we all find we have those "tough to tone" areas of our bodies. My videos address those areas with targeted training to help strengthen challenging muscle groups. 

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My 30-Day Fitness plan includes Full Body workouts which are vital for building strength, stamina and increasing our stability, particularly important as we continue to age. 



Too many people start a fitness program only to quit shortly after because they are bored. That's why it's so important to vary your routine. My videos incorporate HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and other methods to assure your workouts are challenging and engaging. 

You Don't Need A Gym To Get Fit

With the continued health and safety challenges surrounding the pandemic, working out in a group or in a public fitness facility has people concerned. And rightly so. But you don't need a gym or a fitness facility to get fit. 


Arthur Ashe, the famed tennis star once said "start where you are, use what you have, do what you can". That is all you need to begin exercising. Exercise is not about a facility or equipment. It's about the commitment to get started on a path to improve your fitness. If you bring the commitment, I can help you find your path to fitness.

My 30-Day Fitness Plan

Getting started is hard enough. Having too many plans makes it even more challenging. Based on client feedback, I offer one simple plan to help you get started with exercise and healthy eating. Want to know more? Click the button below!

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