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There's a lot of information out there on how to stay healthy and fit. I like to share those things that are easy, practical and readily adaptable based on ones particular needs, capabilities or preferences. If it helps us stay healthy and fit...I'll share it and you feel free to share it too. This is a positive place to help each other. Please keep posts consistent with the goal and stay motivated!

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Are You a Woman 40 or Over and New to Exercising?

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Congrats! Be proud that you are taking that forward step to leading a healthier lifestyle. The next step you might be asking yourself is how do I start, what do I do and where do I go? Most people turn to a gym or fitness classes but with the pandemic, people are far less comfortable with that approach. Others turn to the internet and while there is plenty of information available, it can be overwhelming determining just how to start a workout. So I’ve assembled some tips you might find helpful as you start on your path to fitness.  

  • Plan to Make Fitness a Habit – Just like other things you do in your life such as eat, sleep, go to work or take the dog for a walk; fitness should be a habit you incorporate into your daily life. It is all about self-care. 

  • Set aside time on the calendar. You put other important items on your calendar so you don’t miss them, right? Then put your workouts on the calendar. Ideally three x a week. This small step helps with building that habit. 

  • Take it slow - Carve out small increments of time so you don’t feel overwhelmed. Just knowing you completed 10, 20 or 30 minutes of exercise will give you sense of accomplishment.

  • Work out safely by learning proper form. I talk a lot about this in my videos. Keeping your head in alignment with your neutral spine as you move thru your exercises is so important. The simple yet important process of keeping your shoulders back and chest out will help you from slouching and putting extra and undue pressure on your muscles and joints. 

  • Master fundamental movements – Master the basic movements in exercises like chest press, back rows, squats and lunges, focusing on form till you are comfortable doing it. Proper form will not only help you work out safely but help build confidence in your movements. 

  • Be Patient and Consistent – Results are earned by the hard work you put into your new exercise routine. Be patient with yourself if you hit a road block. Take small steps and look for exercise modifications where appropriate. Remember why you started to exercise and how you felt when you did. Be consistent with your workouts and make sure the time and day you chose to workout works for you. 

When I made that leap into exercising I was in my early 40’s and I felt I needed to be in better shape than I was. I ended up going to a personal trainer who gave me exercises to build my stamina and strength. More importantly she showed me how to exercise properly and safely. With the knowledge I got from her, I started to feel more confident and was able to work out on my own. From there I achieved a variety of personal goals and ultimately became a fitness trainer myself, giving back to clients over the last 12 years, what I’ve learned over the last 20. 

With the pandemic, personal training has taken a new turn and people have had to adapt. Like so many others, I have too. I’ve taken my personal training knowledge and combined it with the power of FREE YouTube videos to help people safely find their path to fitness on their own schedule and from the comfort of their own home.  When you watch my FREE videos, just think of me as your personal trainer, providing knowledge, exercise modification, motivation and helping you work out safely.  I recognize though, some people may need more than just a video to help them with their fitness journey. And I can help with that too! Just take a look at the custom fitness plans on my website. They’re created and crafted with your specific needs in mind and may be helpful to you as you continue on your own fitness journey. 

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