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Assembling an Affordable Home Gym

Updated: May 27, 2020

As we all practice social distancing and look for ways to workout at home, people are contemplating how to assemble an affordable home exercise space. Unless you have lots of spare room and a large budget, most people are not replicating what they have at the gym. They are, however, finding reasonable and cost effective alternatives to outfit their home with equipment that will help them keep fit. If you’re looking to create your own, affordable, exercise area in your spare room or garage, consider some of these items.

A Good Exercises Mat

One of the most effective pieces of equipment you can buy is a good mat. Whether you’re laying it down in a room in your house or on your garage floor, a good mat will help cushion your body, keep it clean and keep your floors free of sweat.

Ankle Weights

Ankle weights are another great item to add to your home gym. They come in different weights and they can help add resistance to certain exercises. You can actually use them beyond your ankles! They add great resistance to wrists as well.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands and resistance loop bands are a great way to help vary your exercise and the intensity of your exercise, without having to invest in weights (i.e. dumbbells) or professional level resistance exercise systems. With a simple resistance band system, with handles, you can perform resistance squats, bicep curls, chest flies, back rows and other such exercises.

Stability Ball

I’ve mentioned the stability ball in one of my other posts which you can see on my blog. I’m a fan of the stability ball as it can help target key multiple muscle groups and keep you quite challenged.

Weights and Weight Racks

There are many weight sets and weight racks out there for you to chose from. I like to stick with those that I know have full sets and sturdy racks to accommodate a variety of workouts. In this blog I'm not linking to any weight sets because they're very hard to find in stock (there's been a rush on assembling home gyms due to today's unusual circumstances). I did, however, find a weight rack I like.

Weight Lifting Gloves

Weight lifting gloves are a great addition to your home gym. And they're not just for weight lifting. Every time I do those Burpees I'm glad I'm wearing my gloves. They provide protection for your hands/palms and support for your wrists (depending on the kind you buy). Here's two pair I like. One pair with wrist wraps...and one without!.

Step Systems (aerobic steppers)

Including step systems (aerobic steppers) in your home gym can help with both cardio and weight training. With the ability to alter the height of the step with risers, you can do a variety of aerobic and weight training exercises to help vary your home fitness routines.

Aside from helping you find alternatives to your gym or exercise facility, these home exercise equipment options will help you stay safe in simply knowing that you or your family members are the only ones using the equipment. I hope this little bit of insight is helpful. No matter what equipment you have at home, you can visit my exercise page and find routines that can be done with little to know equipment. Over time I’ll add routines that incorporate some of the home gym equipment mentioned here and we’ll see just how we can put it to use to increase the effectiveness of our home workouts! In the meantime, stay safe, healthy and keep motivated!

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