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There's a lot of information out there on how to stay healthy and fit. I like to share those things that are easy, practical and readily adaptable based on ones particular needs, capabilities or preferences. If it helps us stay healthy and fit...I'll share it and you feel free to share it too. This is a positive place to help each other. Please keep posts consistent with the goal and stay motivated!

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Healthy Lifestyle = Exercise & Food

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

When individuals want to engage in a healthy lifestyle most turn to exercise. Some turn to walking and biking, some to cardio and others to weight training. All of which have it's value and aid in building a healthy lifestyle. However, exercise is only part of equation. Changing the way we eat is the other and often harder component for people to incorporate into their search for a healthy lifestyle.

While a healthy lifestyle is an ultimate goal, often people start exercising to lose weight. It's a great place to start. In fact, I often tell my clients to focus on exercise first so they can feel stronger and more confident. Then we'll tackle food. Why? Because it's the toughest part. While exercise such as weight training and cardio are important, fat reduction is 80% food! That sounds daunting and when you lead with the most daunting component of a plan, it often limits success. I prefer to help clients build upon a successful foundation.

With a sound exercise routine under a clients belt, I then begin to encourage them to take small steps toward changing their eating habits (not dieting). Eating smaller portions, trying to eliminate as much sugar as possible and incorporating fruits and vegetables. Doing this over time is the key. If you want to start changing your eating habits, start with your snacks. Cut one out, limit the portion or substitute fruit 3 times a week. Make little changes and they'll lead to bigger ones which will make your pursuit of a healthy lifestyle much more successful.

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