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Why it's important to incorporate balancing exercises and isolation exercises into your workouts

Now that you have been exercising it is important to vary your workouts not only to keep from getting bored, but to help strengthen your muscles in different ways. Balancing and isolation exercises are two great ways to not only vary your workouts but to build muscle strength and improve your body’s stability.

Let’s start with balance exercises and why it is important to add them to your workout routine. Balance exercises are geared towards promoting an environment of instability which activates and strengthens your core and other stabilizing muscles. This can also help prevent back injuries which is one of the leading issues people may have or get when exercising.

Doing specific exercises for balance will not only improve your stability, but it will help you with:

  • Body posture

  • Coordination

  • Joint stability

  • Flexibility

  • Reaction time

Balance exercises can help minimize falls, especially as we get older. Think of when you have to act quickly, such as when you see something falling and you have to get off a chair fast; improving your stability can keep you from falling while you move quickly to react.

Muscle isolation exercises are also important to rotate into your workout routine. They're exercises that are not often thought of when working out. Most people tend to do compound exercises which recruit multiple muscle groups. Isolation exercises focus on a single joint ensuring small muscles groups are being trained. For example, let’s say you are doing a bicep exercise but you know your right arm is weaker than the left. An isolation bicep curl will enable you to change the weight for the weaker one to strengthen it. Another benefit to adding these types of exercises into your workout is that usually when you do an exercise you rest before repeating the same exercise again. With an isolation exercise you can focus on just one muscle group to exhaustion and then focus on another muscle group while the first one is resting. However, there can be drawbacks to isolation exercises. Isolations exercises often;

  • Require more time within your total workout

  • Recruit other muscle groups (making it hard to isolate specific muscles)

  • Build strength less efficiently than compound exercise work.

So should you incorporate isolation moves into your workout? Yes! It's a great way to break up a workout routine and get some benefit to strengthen specific muscle groups especially if you have an injury or a weakness. And definitely add in balance type exercises which can improve core strength and help with posture which can weaken with age.

Visit my YouTube channel for a variety of workout routines that incorporate these and other types of exercises. In fact, watch for my upcoming video focusing on both balance and isolation in an upcoming workout video. In the meantime, enjoy your workouts!

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